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  • Especialistas en la fabricación de silicones de la más alta calidad
  • Extenso surtido de materias primas para la industria en general
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  • Distribuidores principales de empresas nacionales e internacionales

Trade Chemicals Products

We are a trading company of chemical raw materials imported and national for all type of industry.

Trade Chemicals is highly recognized in the market because it specializes in the manufacture of silicons of the highest quality for any type of application and use in the mexican market. Trade Chemicals and Products is a business-oriented service quality, offering the market a price-quality relationship, wich has contributed very significantly to the satisfaction of our costumers.

Social Responsibility

Over time, we have achieved an important participation in the industry, as a supplier of chemicals and marks the highest quality.

Trade Chemicals Products has established strategic alliances with national and international companies, becoming one of its major distributors.

These alliances have enabled us to be spearheading the development of new products and new applications for industry, and to participate in continuous improvement of the use of mate- rials, improvement in the efficiency of production processes and quality policy, contributing to care for the environment and the momentum of growth of the industry in our country.

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