Calcium Carbonate:

The calcium carbonate Omya is not only a burden or ideal extender, if not also an important raw material for different industrial products.

1 Micra
2 Micras
3 Micras
4 Micras
10 Mesh 325
15 Mesh 200

Silicon Dioxide:

Because of the special development of Hydrophobic Silicon Dioxide, have been able to produce structural adhesives belonging to the future technologies, these structural adhesives allow the union of different materials such as steel, aluminum, mag- nesium and plastic.

Many processes can benefit from the technical advantages and improvements can be made with a wide range of Dioxide, which have been specially developed for a specific industry, Adhesive and Special Sealant. Silicon Dioxide not only improves the rheological and mechanical properties, also acts as contrary to solving the agents, improving stability in storage and processing of adhesives and sealants.

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