Ethoxilates Nonylphenol:

Nonylphenol 4 moles
Nonylphenol 6 moles
Nonylphenol 9 moles
Nonylphenol 10 moles
Nonylphenol 15 moles
Nonylphenol 30 moles

Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate
Automotive Wax
Linear Dodecylbencesulfonic Acid
Sodium Dodecylbencesulfonic
Pine Oil
Coconut Amide
Xilen Sodium Sulfonate
Citric Acid Granular

Silicone Anti foaming Agents:

It is used to collapse the foam in the manufacturing process.

Silicone Anti foaming Agent TCP - 3016
Silicone Anti foaming Agent TCP - 3925

Silicone Emulsion:

Silicone Emulsion TCP - 8733 Polishes of Vinyl
Silicone Emulsion TCP - 8043 Polishes of Vinyl

Silicone Oil:

Silicon Oil TCP - 350
Silicon Oil TCP - 1000


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