Food Industry

Food Industry

Titanium Dioxide
Kronos 2310 (FDA)

Anti foaming Silicone Agent:

For collapse the foam in the manufacturing process

Anti foaming Silicone TCP - 3016
Anti foaming Silicone TCP - 3925

Silicone Emulsion:

As for food release bread, tortillas and candies.

Silicone Emulsion TCP - 8053
Silicone Emulsion TCP - 8033

Calcium Carbonate:

They can be used as indirect food additives under 21 CFR (FDA) Sections 174.5, 175, 105, 175.300, 176.170, 176.190, 177,1210, 182.1.

1 Micra
2 Micras
3 Micras
4 Micras
10 Mesh 325
15 Mesh 200

Silicon Dioxide:

Food products that can be dissolved in water, sometimes shown a delay or create wet lumps when are removed. One more advantage of the addition of a silicon dioxide hydrophilic food grade, is that it improves the humectability even prevent lumps. In the spaces of the water, silicon dioxide provides a good retention of pigments and high transparency.

The addition of silicon dioxide helps to prevent the agglomeration efficiently, allowing powder producers offer permanently a high quality product throughout the world. For the aforementioned foodstuffs treated with silicon dioxide show stability and long storage.

Silicon Dioxide
Citric Acid:

Widespread use as an ecology manageable acidulant.

Citric Acid Powdered


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