Paints and Inks

Paints and Inks

Silicon Dioxide:

Silicon Dioxide is mainly used in paints and coatings for control of rheological characteristics, as thixotropic agent, as opposed to solving agent and to assist in preventing rust and corrosion, Silicon Dioxide products should be added in concentrations 0.5% - 2%.

Silicon Dioxide

Carbon Black:
Carbon Black

Water Repellents:
They are used as a water repellent.
Water Repellent (water base)
Water Repellent (solvent base)


They offer thermal resistance to moisture, chemicals, outdoor and improve in the properties of teh coating.

Silicone resin SR-125
Resin for high temperatures
Organic Antifoaming Agents:

It is a product of high compatibility and produces no negative effect on the paintings as silicone antifoaming agents.

Organic Antifoaming Agents TCP - 3005
Calcium Carbonate:

The calcium carbonate are considered as the main extender to expand paintings by the following non-toxic properties, low intrinsic color, resistance to weathering, low abrasive, low electrolyte content and effect of stabilizing the pH.

Water Base:

1 micra
2 micras
3 micras
4 micras
10 mesh 325
15 mesh 200
Solvent Base:

1T micra treaty Product
2T micra treaty Product
3T micra treaty Product
4T micra treaty Product

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