Calcium Carbonate:

It is highly pure and offer an excellent performance and high bright, the calcium carbonate is not only a burden or an ideal extender, if not also an important raw material for industry in general.

1 micra
2 micras
3 micras
4 micras
10 mesh 325
15 mesh 200

Silicon Dioxide:

Profitable and reliable. Production methods today are an absolute necessity in the pharmaceutical industry.This is just one reason why the silicon dioxide has become one of the most important and frequently used pharmaceutical excipients, improving the flow properties of the materials needed for modern manufacturing of tablets and capsules are just an example of the advantages gained by the use of silicon dioxide. You can also greatly improve the manufacture, and the properties of many other forms of drugs. Silicon Dioxide Pharma is targeted specifically to the pharmaceutical industry, having been tested in accordance with the Europeans, Americans and Japanese Pharmacopoeias (Ph. Eur. And USP / NF) comes with a certificate of analysis.

In the pharmaceutical industry, have found some advantages and benefits of using silicon dioxide. The use of this product allows solid forms of drugs, semi-solid forms of drugs, liquid form of drugs, HD Pharma grade and monographs Pharmacopoeia

Silicon Dioxide

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