Organic Antifoaming Agents:

It is used to collapse the foam in manufacturing processes, this anti-foaming agent does not stain the fabric as do other antifoams.

Organic Antifoaming Agents TCP - 3005

SiliconeAntifoaming Agents:

It is used to collapse the foam in the manufacturing processes. Some of these antifoamings are mainly used in Jet Processes.

Silicone Antifoaming TCP - 355
Silicone Antifoaming TCP - 3816
Silicone Antifoaming TCP – 3016

Silicone Micro emulsions:

For its size ultra fine particles have greater penetration in the textile fibres which allows its use as softeners. Some of these micro emulsions (TCP-44) are insensitive to the efforts of dissolution, which often cause clotting.

Silicone Micro emulsions TCP - 5063
Silicone Micro emulsions TCP - 44

Lubricants Topic:

The silicone emulsions used for finishing and softener for textile and minerals fibres.

Silicone Emulsion of TCP - 8633
Silicone Emulsion of TCP - 8733

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