Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate

These have high purity, offer a high brightness and contribute to saving Titanium Dioxide.

In the plastics industry calcium carbonate is used especially in plasticized PVC, rigid and polyolefins.

In the case of paints has been seen as the main extender because of its properties such as non-toxicity, low intrinsic color, high resistance to the inclemency, low abrasive, low electrolyte and stabilizing effect of Ph.

In the paper industry calcium carbonate improve not only the whiteness, opacity and print quality of paper, rather positively alter the characteristics of rheological paint coating.

Moreover, these developments allow a greater burden on the content of paper, such behaviors lead to significant savings in energy drying.

The calcium carbonate can be used as indirect food additives under 21 CFR (FDA) sections 174.5, 175,105, 175,300, 176,170, 176,190, 177.1210, 182.1

1 Micron
2 Microns
3 Microns
4 Microns
10 Microns Malla 325
15 Microns Malla 200
1t Micron treated
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4t Microns treated

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