100% Mexican Company established in 1955, which manufactures specialty chemicals for different type of industries. Their main products are: Acido2 ,4-D herbicides formulated Monochloroacetic acid, products and ethoxylated propoxilados, chelating, dithiocarba-mates, and biocides, esters phosphate, phosphonic and products for treating wood.


Fipol 100

Acid 2,4-D
2,4-D acid sodium salt
Herbipol 2,4-D amine No.4
Herbipol 2,4-D amine No.6
Herbipol 4-E
Herbipol 6-E
Herbipol 334-E
Herbipol 4-EB
Herbipol 4-L low volatility

Inhibipol 05-A
Inhibipol 05-A
Fungicides - Bactericides:

Metasol D3T
Metasol D3T-A
Pentarol FP
Pentarol FR-20
Polish "L"
Polish LTK
Polish DTC-30
Treatments for Wood:

Pentamadera list
Pentatox "S"
Auxiliaries for cosmetics and Detergents:
Polamin "C"
Polamin "LD"
Polamin "S"

Polasept 500
Polasept "S"
Veterinary Product:

Furazolidone Polafura
Textile Products:

Quelapol DTPA
Quelapol 80-B
Quelapol Fe
Quelapol HT-41
Quelapol TFA
Surfacpol 203
Surfacpol 90
Surfacpol 13
Surfacpol EL
Surfacpol EOH
Surfacpol AC
Surfacpol MLS-20
Surfacpol MOS-20

Quelapol A
Quelapol 39
Quelapol T
Quelapol DTPÀ
Quelapol HT-41
Quelapol Fe
Quelapol 80-B
Quelapol TFA
Quelapol TFA-E
Quelapol TFA-S

Surfacpoles Series DN:

Surfacpol DN-8
Surfacpol DN-15
Surfacpol DNK
Surfacpoles Series 80:

Surfacpol 8010
Surfacpol 8016 al 70%
Surfacpol 8030 al 70%
Surfacpol 8040 al 70%
Surfacpoles series 90:

Surfacpol 901
Surfacpol 904
Surfacpol 905
Surfacpol 906
Surfacpol 907
Surfacpol 908
Surfacpol 909
Surfacpol N-10
Surfacpol 9010
Surfacpol 9013
Surfacpol 9015
Surfacpol 9018
Surfacpol 9020
Surfacpol 9030
Surfacpol 9030 al 70%
Surfacpoles Series 13:

Surfacpol 1304
Surfacpol 1306
Surfacpol 1308
Surfacpol 1309
Surfacpoles Series EL:

Surfacpol EL-3
Surfacpol EL-6
Surfacpol EL-7
Surfacpol EL-9
Surfacpol EL-17.5
Surfacpol EL-23
Surfacpoles EOH:

Surfacpol EOH-19
Surfacpol EOH 56
Surfacpoles MES, MLS, MOS:

Surfacpol MES-20
Surfacpol MLS-20
Surfacpol MOS-20
Surfacpoles Series A-14:

Surfacpol A-1467
Surfacpol A-1483
Surfacpol A-1487
Surfacpol A-14104
Surfacpol A-14105
Several Surfacpoles:

Surfacpol AC-16
Surfacpol ESE-8
Surfacpol 1304-S
Surfacpol 906-S
Surfacpol 9010-S
Surfacpol 203
Polafix TA-COB
Surfacpol OP-61
Surfacpol OP-62
Surfacpol OP-64
Surfacpol OPG
Surfacpol DME
Polafix DM-45
LES Surfacpol
Surfacpol DHS

Monochloroacetic Acid
Pentarol Mcana
Surfacpol TA-20
Surfacpol OA-20

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