Anti foamingSilicon
They help to collapse the foam in manufacturing processes

Anti foam silicon TCP- 3006

Silicone Oil:

It is a silicone fluid that can be used in different applications such as in the development of release agents, etc.

Oil Silicone 350
Oil Silicone 1000


Ideal as a release. They serve as a lubricant for plastic-metal, rubber-metal, rubber-rubber surfaces. Resistance to abrasion.

Silicone Emulsion of TCP-8733 polishes of vinyl
Silicone Emulsion TCP-8053 polishes of vinyl
Silicone Emulsion TCP-8043
Silicone Emulsion TCP-8973 (80%)
Silicone Emulsion TCP-6337
Silicone Emulsion TCP-8523 polishes of vinyl

Micro emulsions:

They offer greater softness.

Silicone Micro emulsions TCP-533
Silicone Micro emulsions TCP-44
Silicone Micro emulsions TCP-34
Silicone Micro emulsions TCP-5063
Silicone Micro emulsions TCP-5061


They offer thermal resistance to moisture, chemicals, outdoor and improve in the properties of the coating.

Silicon Resin SR-125
Resin for high temperatures

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